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Is your pet a well behaved member of your family?  Or can they use some fine tuning? 

Our motto "Training both ends of the leash" explains exactly what we do.  We teach you how to train your dog, thereby increasing the relationship between you and your dog.

All dogs learn differently, and respond to different methods.  The Laundered Mutt & Training Center focuses primarily on positive training methods. We feel that this is the best way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Your dog learns that training can be fun and rewarding.

Cat Zoyiopoulos our training director, is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.  She has been training dogs for over 20 years, and has trained thousands of dogs. She is available for private lessons.

Jordan Aguilar a great young trainer.  He has been a member of our team since January 2016, and is very talented.  Sign up for one of his classes.

Erin Armstrong is our lead trainer.  She has been training dogs since before 2010 and is extremely knowledgeable. Available for private lessons as well as group classes. 

Classes:  (COVID19 Tempory Class Schedule)

Basic Ten (10) Class:  This ia a 4 week class which covers the ten (10) basic obedience skills needed to have a well mannered dog.  Skills taught in this class are

  • Watch me
  • Sit
  • down
  • Wait
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Touch
  • Let's go

This class is on going and you can start at any time (7 dog maximum).  Price is $129.00 for 4 one hour classes.

  • Sundays .......... 11:00 AM
  • Sundays ..........  2:00 PM
  • Tuesdays .........  5:00 PM
  • Tuesdays .........  6:00 PM
  • Wednesdays ...   5:00 PM
Life Skills:  This is a 5 week class that is formatted to real life situations that you will encounter during your dog's life.  Situations such as veterinarian visits, company coming to your house and ringing the doorbell, house manners, and outside skills including public outings will be covered in this class.  Price is $149.00 for 5 one hour classes each week.  This class is also on going and you may start at any time (7dog maximum).
  • Sundays ......... 12:15 PM
  • Tuesdays ........ 7:15 PM
  • Wednesday .... 7:15 PM 
Advanced Obedience:  To enroll into this class you must first take our Life Skills class.  This 4 week class is structured for the more advance dogs who want to take the training to the next level.  We will cover stays and recalls with major distractions, heeling techniques, some rally obiedience excercises, adding distance to your training, and strong verbal command understanding. Price is $149.00. 
  •  Thursday's .......... Postponed due to COVID19

Puppy Class:  This is a 5 week class for puppies ages from 10 weeks to 20 weeks old.  This class will be focused on the puppy skills and the handling skills of you the owner.  Topics covered will be similar the the Basic Ten (10) class above and we also will teach off leash play skills and potty training skills.   This class always sells out please sign up early.  The price for this class is only $149.00.

  • Sundays ..........  9:45 AM
  • Sundays ..........  3:00 PM
  • Thursdays .......  5:00 PM
  • Thursdays .......  6:00 PM
  • Thursdays .......  7:15 PM
Outdoor Adventure Class:  This is a 4 week class that will be out in the public arena.  We will take some fun Field Trips to local parks and some local hiking trails.  We will show you haw to handle your dogs behavior around distractions such as, ducks and other water fowl, skateboarders, children and other dogs.  Come with us for an adventure with your dog!  Price will be $149.00 for the 4 one hour classes.
  • Sunday's .......... Call for availability

Trick Classes:  One of our most popular classes.  This class almost always sells out early.  Think your dog should be in movies?  Teach your dog to go to its mark, touch specific items, roll over, play dead, spin, wave, bark, turn on a light switch, get the newspaper, or bark on cue.  Our trick class is fun for both handler and dog!  Space is limited to 7 dogs.  Stop by and reserve your spot, this class fills quickly.  Price is $149.00 for 4 classes, includes AKC novice trick dog title test.

  • Thursday's .......... Call for date
Therapy Dog Training / Canine Good Citizen Prep:  This is a 4 week class that helps you and your dog to become comfortable with medical equipment and different situations that you may encounter.  This class centers on teaching you how to read your dogs body language, learning how to notice when your dog is stressed, anxious, happy, etc.  This will make your visits more enjoyable for both you and the dog.  This class will also get your ready to pass the canine good citizen test which is a requirement to becoming a therapy dog.  Price will be only $149.00.
  • Wednesday ..........  Call for availability

Service Dog Training: In this 4 week class we will work on skills necessary for your dog to pass a public access test.  This class meets off site in a retail store setting.  Locations vary please call for locations.  Price will be $169.00 for 4 one hour classes.  Prerequisite for this class is our CGC Therapy Dog class or your dog must be able to pass CGC test. All dogs must be evaluated prior to taking this class (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Not all dogs will qualify.

  • Due to Covid this class is on MAJOR hold
Private Lessons:   Is your dog hard to live with?  Let us help you with issues such as barking, jumping up on guests, pulling on a leash (barking and lunging at other dogs), potty training issues, etc.  We will tailor a training program to fit your dogs specific needs.  Each lesson last approximately 60 minutes.  You pick the location for the private lesson.  
  • At The Laundered Mutt location .......................$119.00/hr
  • Pkg of 3 lessons at The Laundered Mutt...........$325.00 
  • Pkg of 4 lessons at The Laundered Mutt............$420.00 
  • or
  • At your house or office .....................................$149.00/hr
  • Pkg of 3 at your house or office........................$440.00 
  • Pkg of 4 at your house or office ........................$500.00

Additional fee if outside a 20 mile radius from Temecula.


 K9 Nose WorkR:

Inspired by working detection dogs, K-9 nose work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people.  Every dog has the inate ability to do nose work and we help tap into those instincts.  This easy to learn activity and sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a great way to burn off excess energy.  No prior training needed.  Cat Zoyiopoulos is a Associate Nose Work Instructor (ANWI) and will be teaching each class.

K9 Nose WorkR Classes:

Intro to K9 Nose WorkR:  This class will focus on building your dogs hunting skills, and teach you, the handler, how to read your dogs body language.  All dogs work one at a time.  This allows dogs that are not comfortable with other dogs to participate in class.  If your dog is reactive towards dogs or people please speak with trainer prior to signing up for the class.  Each 5 week class is limited to 4-6 dogs.  Each class is 90 minutes in duration and each dog must be at least 5 months old.  Price is $149.00.

  • Friday's ......... Call for date
 Continuing Odor Class:  This is a 5 week class.  This class is for teams that have completed Intro to Odor K9 Nose WorkR class.  We will be searching all 4 elements building confidence in both the dog and handler.  We will introduce and build on different concepts such as; converging odor, suspended ordor, inaccessable hides, etc.  Price for this class $30.00 per session.  Must contact Cat (our trainer for class days & times)...951-694-9274
  • Postponed due to COVID19
Board and Train:  Ever wish you could just send your dog away and have them come home trained?  Now you can!   In our popular 3 week training program, your dog will live with one of our trainers in their home, learning house manners, polite greetings (no jumping), doggie social skills, and commands such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it, wait at doorways, and go to your place and more.  Your dog will come to our training center every day and have 4-5 training sessions throughout the day and they will be also participating in our group classes.  The dogs will learn to listen and work for you even with distractions around.  2 (two) private 1 hour lessons at our store, 1 one private at your house and 2 sets of group classes are also included to teach you how to maintain your dogs newly learned obedience skills. 

Does your dog already have the basics down but you want a better trained dog?  This training program is for you as well.  We can customize this training program to your specific needs.  We can make your good dog into a great dog.  Call for more detailed information.  Price is $2200.00.

Daycare Training:  Do you dream of having your dog sit when you ask them to?  Wait at the front door without bolting?  Lie down and STAY when asked?  Not jump up on visitors or on you?  Did you ever think that your dog can go potty on CUE? 

Yes, this program is for those owners that can't dream of being without your dog for 3 weeks, or maybe you are too busy to spend every day training your dog.  In this program you will bring your dog to the store every morning (Tuesday thru Friday) and pick up your dog before we close.  Your dog will be trained 4-5 times throughout the day.  This class has a three week minimum commitment and comes with two private 1 hour lessons at the end of the second and third week.  Price is $1200.00 ($400.00 per week).

Yappy Hour:   Primarily for puppies (2 months up to 6 months old) too young to stay home alone or too young for the traditional doggie daycare facilities.  Puppies must have 2 sets of shots (no exceptions). Puppies will be socialialized with people and other dogs, we will work on potty training, leash skills, and minor behavior modifications. 

COVID19 temp schedule.....Fridays .........5:00 - 6:00 

Boarding:  Small dogs and puppies, large dogs will be evaluated prior to acceptance.  Limit 4 dogs per day.  Dogs older than 8 months must be spayed or nuetered.  Please no aggressive dogs. 

Your dog will come to work every day and go home with the trainer every night.  During the day dogs will be socialized with people and other dogs.  At night your dog goes home with the trainer to live with their other 6 dogs, we will work on house manners if necessary, potty training, plus more.  This price includes a FREE bath with a minimum of a 3 day stay.  Very limited space available.  Price is $58.00 per calendar day ($30.00 surcharge for holidays)  

We also offer training while your dog is being boarded for only $15.00 per session (15 - 20 minutes), up to 3 training session per day.  Try a few sessions on your next boarding...see what we can do for your dog.



Service dog training starts young


Service dog in training.


Certified dog trainer...Cat "Z" and her dog Jetta.


Small class sizes.